Saturday, December 3, 2016

The destination is worth the aggravation

Days 0 and 1: New Orleans to Houston to Vienna

My flight to Houston was on time but the onward flight to DC, where we'd catch a connection to Vienna, was delayed so that we wouldn't make it.  We suffered an 8 hour delay at the Houston airport instead.  We arrived in Frankfurt to more delays, finally making it to Vienna at 530pm instead of 840am.  A whole day was lost in delays.  To add insult to injury, my suitcase was still in Houston and wouldn't arrive until sometime the next day.  The "joy" of travel was surely ours this day.

Sunset in Frankfurt--still not in Vienna :(

But Vienna was worth it!  Husband and I visited Vienna on our first trip to Europe in May, 1998 with his parents and brother.  We remembered her fondly.  I don't know why it took so long to go back.

Our friends had a nice day out in Vienna since their flights were not delayed.  We met up at the hotel and rushed to keep our dinner reservation at Plachuttas zur oper.  They all enjoyed the food tremendously while I enjoyed the atmosphere and service.

My boring fried chicken (not a great place for picky eaters)

After dinner we walked around looking at the beautiful Christmas lights.   The St. Stephan's Christmas Market was still (somewhat) open so J got her daily gluhwein.

These were my favorites!

Back to the hotel to sleep and hope my luggage arrived the next day or I would have to go shopping (an activity I do not enjoy).

1.  Always pack extra underwear and small size toiletries in the carry-on.  I would have been in big trouble without my tiny bottle of contact lens solution and extra underwear and socks.
2.  Be mad and upset about delays and no luggage, then let it go.  Be glad to have arrived alive; everything else is replaceable.
3.  Make reservations for dinner.  Especially that first jet-lagged night.

Next: Mass with the Vienna Boys' Choir, the Hofburg Palace complex, the Albertina

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